Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wait, it's Thursday already?

My oh my has this week flown by! My first week here definitely dragged on, but week number two has come and gone.
I do need to apologize for many typos in previous postings. Typing on an iPad takes a lot of time for me since I am not used to it yet. By the time I am done typing and see I have an Internet connection I go ahead and post. From now on I will proofread my posts so I don't look like a goober.

After praying and talking with friends and family, I felt as though I was not doing the work that God had intended for me to do here. God was tugging at my heart to work with Sheldon. He is a young boy with Autism, and he is hearing. Sheldon ended up at this school because other schools did not know how to work with him. Luckily, the principal here is amazing and was more than willing to change my schedule around. Currently, Sheldon is nonverbal and can be very aggressive at times. I am working on communication cards that I made with him. The goal is that he will point to the card in order to communicate what he wants. The first few days implementing this have been stressful, but it will improve.

I have been working with a 14 year old girl Annakay. She was out of school most of her life and came here last year for a bit, but then never came back after a holiday. This week we have been working on the sentence "My name is Annakay". She wrote it completely by herself multiple times! Way to go girl!

For my mouse situation. I have now captured 8 friends! Today I am headed to the hardware store to buy door sweeps to help close off the gaps under the doors.

My life in Jamaica is starting to settle in more. I am becoming more used to it everyday. Thank you to all those who have covered me in prayers for the past two weeks. I truly appreciate it. God is doing amazing things.

I will try to post again this weekend about my journey to Kingston!

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