Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First days of school!

Yesterday was my first day at school with the kids and staff. We started the day off with breakfast at 7, chapel at 8, and then classes began. After meeting with the principal I had a better understanding of what my days would look like here. She and I decided that allowing me to work daily with individual special needs students would be the most beneficial for my time here. She was gracious to give me a two hour break after lunch and then I would be with another missionary, Erin, helping out with after school programs. They get out of school around 3 and then they have time until about 5 with us either on the playground or in the library playing games.
Yesterday I also went into town with Erin to go grocery shopping. I have realized that if I want to run in the morning, I need to eat breakfast on my own because the water for the shower isn't usually ready until about 7:30. Going into town was nice. Erin definitely helped me with everything and was a great support.

Today, I began meeting with students for tutoring. As I expected, the language barrier is kind of hindering me while trying to help these students. I know God gave me the gift of teaching and all the traits that go along with that. I know it will be a challenge to jump into the tutoring due to my lack of knowledge of the resources available at the school. Most of the kids I am with can't even spell their name.

I have been practicing my sign with the children throughout the day. Most of them are very patient and willing to help. I know God has big plans for me while I am here and I know they will become more apparent everyday.
God has blessed me with this opportunity and the wonderful people who are here that have been helping me on a daily basis. The first night here I was sitting in bed reading and I saw a mouse run across my bedroom floor. The family that lives next to me was great and helpful. The next morning I woke up to two mice trapped on the glue trap! YAHTZEE! And get this, I disposed of them all by myself!

Right now pictures are not working on here. So I will keep messing with it and try later!

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