Thursday, September 29, 2011

picture Thursday!

You are in for a treat with this blog posting! I am able to upload pictures this time thanks to Keri for letting me borrow her laptop. Pictures definitely spruce up the blog life, so I am hoping to have a blog with pictures at least once a week now. Thanks to all of those who have been reading about my life even though it may be bland at times with no pictures.
Last Friday, Erin helped me install door sweeps in order to help prevent mice. Also, I noticed a few furry friends in my couch (which I never sat on) and Kirk was great and removed my couch. Unfortunately, they are hiding somewhere else. Last night I captured number 14!
My trip to Kingston with Erin was great. I was able to see the CCCD school there. Tashi (Blake's wife), Ionda (Blake's friend), Erin and myself went to Rituals (Jamaican Starbucks) for some fellowship, coffee, and relaxation. It was nice to get to know Tashi and spend more time with Erin. We had a nice lunch at Blake's house, had lunch, and hung out.
On Sunday, Erin invited Joanne and I into her home to watch some American Football! It was a nice little piece of home. She warned me though not to let the commercials make me miss America any more than I already am.
Paris, an absolute sweetie.

This is my little Sanieka. She was so excited to get her Handwriting Book. Throughout our time together, she kept asking me "This mine?" When I would say yes, she would get a HUGE smile!

Sanieka and myself

Kids during snack time.

Annakay showing off her sentence. After she writes a sentence correctly, she always wants to go around and show the teachers in the school. We are now working on "I am 14 years old."

Girls during snack break!

Jevaughn with the Jamaican flag. He is new and absolutely cracks me up!

Sheldon with his communication cards.

The boys love their playdough creations.


My cup o' joe in honor of National Coffee Day in America!

This week came and went just like the last one. I am continuing to work with Sheldon, Annakay, and Sanieka. Tuesday Joanne and I tagged along with Kirk and Keri when they went to a government run infirmary. This was basically like a nursing home for individuals with mental handicaps as well as physical impairments. The living accommodations there are quite sad. There is a building with about 20 beds with about less than a foot of space between the beds in order to walk through. Kirk and Keri's son, Drew, came with us to read Curious George to some of the women. One woman in particular really touched my heart. Miss Harriet stays in bed all day long and she can not take care of herself. She is very frail and extremely thin. When she began to sing "I am Blessed", my heart was touched and tears began to stream down my face. Realizing how thankful and joyful Miss Harriet could be considering her circumstances really made me reflect on my own life.


  1. great blog post! glad you enjoyed meeting my wife, but apparently I wasn't there cuz all you saw were my friends and family :D I'm so glad you were able to visit the infirmary, God is present there despite how unheavenlike it seems, thanks for sharing!!

  2. So great to see pictures of your kids, and your smile as well as theirs. May both you and the kids be blessed by the time you share. I love you,mom