Thursday, September 8, 2011

Here we go!

So, this is it, the final days, hours, and minutes I will be in Indiana. I have slowly started to say goodbye to family and friends. Looking back to February when I got the awesome phone call saying I was going to be headed to Jamaica to serve, it hadn't really sunk in that this was for real happening! Now, as I sit and pack, my mind begins to fill with thoughts and emotions. What will it be like? How will God use me? What will I learn? How will I impact childrens' lives? How will they impact my life? With all the emotions that come along with these questions, I know one thing is absolutely certain, God is with me and His Spirit is in me. So, regardless of the stress, anxiousness, and nervousness I feel now, God is there and He is my rock.

I am very excited to experience a new culture and way of life for ten weeks. At times, I feel as though ten weeks is not long at all, but other times I think about being away from family and friends for ten weeks and I begin to worry. This experience will be life-changing for me. I hope that God uses this time to help me grow closer to Him and grow as an individual as well.

This trip is possibly because of amazing family and friends who have chosen to support me financially while I am down there. Special thanks to Brenda Young, Chance Young, Steve and Lisa Zarnow, Ron and Joyce Gruber, Jeni and Antonio Moretti, Bill Bloom, Otto and Carol Knoche, Therese and Ervin Schraut, Mark and Debbie Young, Dean and Patty Bartolone, David and Emily Tueting, Becky Olson, and my parents. Also, HUGE thanks to Elise for signing with me throughout the summer so I am a little more confident in my sign language. Thanks to Nicole, Erin, and Blake for giving mass amounts of information to ease my stress about packing! Most importantly, thanks to all of those who have been praying for both myself and the people in Jamaica that I will work with.

Here is a picture of my packing efforts. I am attempting to fit everything for ten weeks into one suitcase and a duffle bag.

(I promise the pictures will be a lot more interesting once I arrive in JAMAICA!)

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