Sunday, July 10, 2011

It is all becoming real

Two months from today I will be embarking on a new adventure. This adventure has been a dream of mine that has become a reality. After graduating from IU, I knew that I wanted to volunteer somewhere overseas prior to applying for a full time teaching position here in the states. Throughout the process of looking for organizations to work for, I remembered Blake Widmer. Blake is a friend of my brother's from high school and I knew he had been volunteering at a residential school in Jamaica for the deaf. I began talking to him about his experience and options for me there. After a lot of praying and discussing this opportunity with family and friends, I applied to the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf. I waited anxiously to hear from them. Frequently I would receive phone calls or emails informing me on the status of my application.
Then on February 16th, I got a voice mail saying, "We are all set. You have been approved and you are ready to move forward." I got goosebumps and began to cry with joy! 
After I heard this news, a lot of emotions and thoughts were running through my mind. I knew God was leading me to not only benefit the children of Jamaica, but myself as well. Sign language has always been a huge interest of mine, but at this point it was going to have to become a language I felt fully confident in. I knew I was going to be away from family and friends for about three months. My family is everything to me so I know this will be hard, but the most important thing is God is calling me to do this. I am being called to go use my gifts for the glory of God.