Wednesday, November 2, 2011

things I have learned while here

Here is a list of things I have learned while in Jamaica: 
(Oh and me plucking chickens will be a post for tomorrow night- get excited!)
Wow! There really are bugs that look like leaves. It is not just in National Geographic ladies and gentlemen!

If you are peeling an orange and don't realize you let some juice drip; you will know within a few minutes. Quickly I learned to peel oranges outside and anytime food touches my counter to wipe it down with water and soap to prevent a miniature stampede of bugs on my counter. 

I learned how to carve the island of Jamaica into a Jamaican pumpkin. This is (supposed to be) the island and there is a heart where we live. Thanks Erin for getting us pumpkins. Afterward we baked the pumpkin seeds with sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Oh my how yummy those were!

We have not had any water pressure for the past week and a half. So here is my shower...I get water out of the white bucket and use the clear basin to shower. Oh the things I have been taught. (Sorry, this picture is sideways)

The power of stickers! When I am working with Miss Sanieka it is a huge challenge to keep her focused. So now, every time she is following directions and doing the right thing, she gets a sticker. One day was awesome, she had stickers all the way up her arm! If this is what it takes to teach her how to write her name, I am all about it!

And of course...I have learned how to set a mousetrap. After the first night of setting one, I realized the trap was not where I had left it; it had moved basically all the way across the room. When the mouse is still alive and trying to escape the trap (haha good luck it ain't gonna happen) they can move the trap all over from wiggling around on it. So, Erin told me to stick a bottle cap on it and then put a chair leg in the bottle cap..GENIUS! (PS - my mouse count is at 21!)

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